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What We Can Do for You

​​Let AQUILA bring your property or space to life while you save time and money.

Your Vision = Our Mission

Creating the ideal property by yourself is easy … if you have an extra 40 hours/week. Countless phone calls. Nonstop emails. Thousands of tiny negotiations. Architects. Designers. General contractors. And plenty of chances to lose money, time, and control.

Instead, let AQUILA manage your project. Hand the messy, complex business of coordination to us. Then sit back and watch as your dream becomes reality—and as our expertise saves you money.

You bring the inspiration, we’ll bring everything else.

​Why Let AQUILA Manage Your Project?

  • You’ll Stay in Control: You decide what your space becomes. We’re here to bring your vision to life—to offer strategic guidance and to take a thousand tiny obstacles off of your to-do list.
  • You’ll Save Money: Building out a property can be a cash—and time—sinkhole. Our seasoned professionals know how to shrink your bills without compromising quality.
  • You’ll Stay On Schedule: If you manage your own real estate project, a missed phone call or email could delay your launch by weeks. We don’t miss. We don’t delay.
  • ​You’ll Fit Right In: AQUILA was born and raised in Austin. Take advantage of our homegrown expertise to secure better vendors at lower costs.
Chapter 2

Our Work

Office Remodels

CCC’s Office Transformation: From Outdated Office to Modern HQ

Read about our work for CCC: CCC’s Office Transformation: From Outdated Office to Modern HQ



Husch Blackwell

Read about our work for Husch Blackwell: Husch Blackwell: How AQUILA Worked with an Out-of-Town Team to Create the Perfect Space



Read about our work for Germer: Germer’s Office Remodel: Transforming Second-Gen Space Into a Contemporary Law Firm


The OB/GYN Group of Austin

Read about our work for The OB/GYN Group of Austin: The OB/GYN Group of Austin: The Importance of Having a Project Manager With Industry Relationships


Austin Skin

Read about our work for Austin Skin: Austin Skin: How AQUILA Used Value Engineering to Stick to a Budget While Maintaining Quality


Dr. Gary Cash

Read about our work for Dr. Gary Cash: Award-Winning Remodel: The Importance of Having a Project Manager to Protect Your Interests


Preserve at 620

Read more about our work for Preserve at 620: Preserve at 620: How AQUILA Transformed a Super Walmart Into Class A Office Space


Capital Factory

Read about our work for Capital Factory: Capital Factory: How AQUILA’s Project Management Team Helped a Client Safeguard Their Budget



Read about our work for ATPE: ATPE: A Safe and Successful Office Build Out Amid Pandemic Uncertainty


The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Read about our work for NDVH: NDVH: A New National Headquarters for a Notable Nonprofit


St. John Neumann

Read about our work for St. John Neumann: From Design to Budget, How AQUILA Brought This Project Back on Track


Other Remodel Projects


Ground-Up Development Projects

Hope Alliance

Read about our ongoing work for Hope Alliance: Building Hope and Healing for Victims of Violence in Central Texas



Read about our work for YETI: YETI Innovation Lab: Building Out a Product Testing Facility



Capital Improvement Projects

9500 Arboretum Capital Improvements

Read about our work at 9500 Arboretum: 9500 Arboretum: How Capital Improvements Helped Bring a Building to 97% Leased

Braker Pointe Capital Improvements

Read about our work at Braker Point: Braker Pointe: The Importance of Clear Communication and Coordination


Pennybacker Commons Capital Improvements

Read about our work at Pennybacker Commons: Pennybacker Commons: AQUILA’s Teams Work Together to Reposition a Building

Chapter 3

Words from Our Clients

Since Hope Alliance’s first thought to expand and relocate our services to a larger facility, Dustin Hogzett and Todd Tebbe from AQUILA Commercial, LLC have been with us every step of the way. After a relatively short period of time, they’ve helped us fine-tune our goals, objectives and tactics as to how to reach our goals. Without the knowledge and care provided by Dustin, Todd and AQUILA, Hope Alliance would still be just talking about what would be nice to have. Because of Dustin, Todd and Aquila, we’ve launched a capital campaign, purchased land, have architectural renderings of a 40,000 sq. ft. building and believe we will be in a new building and providing more services by the end of 2023.

Dustin, Todd and Aquila are helping Hope Alliance’s dreams come true so we can serve 100% of the unmet needs of victims of Family Violence and/or Sexual Assault in Williamson County, TX.”

Dr. Rick Brown
CEO of Hope Alliance


When lease renewal negotiations began for our Austin office in early 2020, the internal Workplace Strategy team at Husch Blackwell was optimistic, excited, and eager to begin the demolition and full renovation of our two floors, including the interim move to a staging space within the building. Then COVID happened and our perfectly curated HB internal team consisting of real estate professionals, tenured project managers, and designers were unable to travel to Austin, grounded in our four respective cities for months during preconstruction activities. Our architects, engineers, and furniture dealers were also literally a thousand+ miles away. The HB team is a close-knit, small professional group who are used to being hands-on and very involved in the design and CA phases of our projects so not being able to visit the site or meet our consultants in person added to our growing list of concerns.

As fate and fortune would have it, we decided to invest in Aquila Commercial’s project management team and hire Miles Whitten to serve as our local eyes and ears and Owner’s Rep for our renovation. Our interior design and finishes were high-end (even for law firm standards) and our schedule was aggressive with costly penalties of lease hold-over in the staging suite we occupied during construction. Miles accepted the challenge with gusto, professionalism, personality, warmth, sense of humor, and helped steer the project several times when we risked falling behind due to unforeseen supply shortages or other challenges beyond our control. Miles exhibited genuine care for us, the project, the GC, and the consultants. His expertise, response times, problem-solving, and results-driven attitude was truly exceptional. It was a pleasure getting to know him as a person while working aside him as our representative. We never questioned if he had our best interest in mind when making recommendations or negotiations on our behalf.

Husch Blackwell is built on relationships. We value collaboration, teamwork, and enjoy making lasting connections with good people. Miles is a talented, savvy, honest, kind, interesting, good human who managed a difficult project and delivered exceptional results. Truly a class act. We appreciate you, Miles and when we reflect on the Austin renovation, we hold you in high regard.“

Samantha Puckett
Senior Manager of Workplace Strategy at Husch Blackwell


I have been working with Dustin for more than ten years and Miles for four years. During this time, they have managed five office buildouts for me. After the first of these, I swore I would never do another buildout without their involvement.  Aquila’s management process streamlines communications, minimizes costs and controls the timeline, without fail. Their knowledge of building codes, the permit and inspection process, local contractors and subs, landlords, and building engineers is unparalleled. The fact that they do so many projects every year, means that they have experience and leverage that is impossible to achieve by an in-house team that does a buildout every two or three years. When considering a new buildout, the first thing I do is email Dustin and Miles, and I have never been disappointed.”

Rick Westervelt
Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance at Capital Factory


When deciding to completely demo my office and rebuild I completed the project in 2 phases, the first without construction management, the second with Dustin from AQUILA. The difference was night and day. Dustin helped me navigate the labyrinth of Architects, contractors, subcontractors and inspectors.  Nobody advocated for my best interest like AQUILA did! My only regret is not working with AQUILA sooner. I will never do a construction project without them again!”

Dr. Gary Cash
Owner of Gary L. Cash, DDS


Efficiently completing our office/warehouse remodeling project on schedule would have been impossible without the experienced guidance from the AQUILA team. Todd and Dustin proved instrumental in every step of the process leveraging their keen knowledge of the construction industry. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made for this project and we feel that they more than paid for the associated fee through cost savings and preventing mistakes we would have made by attempting this ourselves.”

David Bullock
CFO of YETI Coolers


I am extremely impressed with how many close relationships Todd and AQUILA seem to have with vendors which translates into them working harder for him. He has created savings and value in all areas of this project and continues to do so.”

Scott McWherter
Facilities Director at Sony Online Entertainment


AQUILA was instrumental in assembling the right team and streamlining the project schedule to deliver a high design space on time and on budget – and we all had fun putting the project together and felt great when the office opened! Would highly recommend AQUILA for project management.”

Karen Lalli
Director of Global Workplace and Facilities at GLG


I was impressed with AQUILA’s expertise, experience and work ethic. The value and savings they brought to us were extraordinary.”

Gregory M. Aymond
Bishop of Austin at St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Chapter 4

Our Team

AQUILA’s Project Management Team

The project team will be composed of four AQUILA experts: Tod Tebbe, Dustin Hogzett, Miles T Whitten, and Jim Clark.

Todd Tebbe | Commercial Real Estate Project Management in Austin, Texas | AQUILA Commercial Dustin Hogzett | Commercial Project Management in Austin, Texas | AQUILA Commercial Miles Whitten | AQUILA Project Management Jim Clark | Construction Manager | AQUILA Commercial
Todd Tebbe


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Dustin Hogzett

Senior Vice President

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Miles T Whitten

Senior Associate

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Jim Clark

Construction Manager

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