You’ve found the perfect office space, in the desired location, at the exact rental rate that fits your budget. But now it’s time to begin the construction process to bring your perfect office to life.

You’d love to hire a project manager to represent you and your company throughout the construction process, but how much is that going to cost?

At AQUILA, we meet with numerous clients just like you every week and help answer questions just like these. We understand this can be confusing, so in this video, AQUILA’s Project Manager, Dustin Hogzett, will explain the three ways project management fees can be structured (Percentage, Fixed, and Per Square Foot).

Learn More: Cost to Hire a Project Manager for an Office Build-Out or Renovation (Fees/Rates).

Topic: For Tenants, Hiring a Project Manager

More About Dustin Hogzett

As a project manager with AQUILA, Dustin leads and manages fast-track and task-critical design and construction projects.

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