What is the AQUILA Culture Code?

At AQUILA, our Culture Code is at the heart of everything we do – from who we hire to how we approach our work and how we serve our clients. Written collaboratively by AQUILA employees and leadership our Culture Code guides what we do and how we do it, and it helps to frame decision making in both the short and long term.


The AQUILA Culture Code


Our Culture Code

I take pride in the AQUILA name. I am unwavering in my commitment
to our founding principles of knowledge, agility, passion and collaboration.

We evaluate every action with the long view in mind:
for our company, our clients and our community.

Collaboration is what sets us apart from our competition.
Through honest communication, we build relationships and trust with each other
and with our clients. I understand communication is key to both personal
and company success. Communication starts with me.

We are competitive, results-driven and fight to win at every opportunity.
I relentlessly prepare and I will not be outworked.
Yesterday’s successes are never enough.

The constant pursuit of improvement is where we find our edge.
I will always seek out new ideas and better processes.
It is my responsibility to always be learning and to share what I learn.

I do what I say, and I do what’s expected of me the first time, every time.
My coworkers will hold me accountable to this standard,
and they can count on me to do the same.

I understand every position plays an important role.
I believe that no one person’s time is less important than my time.

I succeed because of my teammates.
We are not a team simply because we work together.
We are a team because we respect, trust and care for one another
– and we have FUN doing it.

The Culture Code Values

Because of our commitment to the AQUILA Culture Code, we are committed to living these values:

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AQUILA Pride Long View Relentless Preparation Competitive & Results Driven Work Ethic Collaboration
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Communication Constant Improvement Knowledge Sharing Accountability Respect Fun!