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Moving your school into a new location doesn’t have to be difficult. AQUILA is here to help. We have been helping educational institutions for more than a decade—from public to private schools, primary schools to charters, colleges to universities, and everything in between. 

Nobody knows the intricacies of the Austin education real estate market better than AQUILA. 

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How Finding Real Estate for a School Works at AQUILA


1. Detail What You Need (and When)

Our brokers have helped countless schools (of all types) discover the ideal facility for their students, faculty, and staff. Whether you’re a childcare facility, public school, or established university, we can help you craft a plan for your real estate decisions. 

We also understand that timing is everything; you need to be able to move when the academic calendar allows. With AQUILA, nothing falls through the cracks. 

2. Review Every Option

Once we figure out what your school needs in a facility or campus, we get to work uncovering options. Thanks to our expertise in the Austin real estate market, we are able to identify options that nobody else can. Your board, CFO, staff, and executive team will have a range of opportunities to consider. We will be by your side to help you identify the advantages and challenges of each one.

3. Keep Costs Down

The costs of moving into a new facility can balloon in two ways. 

First, if you don’t have a broker who understands what it costs to build out all of the facilities that a school needs—e.g., classrooms, restrooms, technology, athletic facilities, parking, etc.—you could be surprised by unanticipated costs when it comes to the build-out of your space. AQUILA knows how to avoid these issues and keep costs down without sacrificing quality. 

Second, you need professionals on your side who will negotiate the most attractive terms for your school, whether it be a lease, sublease, purchase, or sale. Our relationships and market knowledge ensure that you will find the best property at the best possible price.


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