Over the years, it has become an AQUILA tradition to send out a Happy Thanksgiving card to our clients and friends. This year we decided to take a little internal poll and show off how AQUILA employees and brokers will be spending their Thanksgiving holiday.

See the infographic below to see the results of the poll, and here are some other fun stats that didn’t make the card:

  • 55% of us will watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • 30 – The largest number of guests who will be around anyone’s thanksgiving table.
  • 1,743 miles – The furthest distance one AQUILA staffer will travel for the holiday.
  • Second to dressing, the most popular side dish among AQUILA employees is Sweet Potato Casserole/Yams.
  • 90% of AQUILA will be skipping Black Friday Shopping and say it’s not worth the crowds!

Download the AQUILA Thanksgiving Infographic

We hope your Thanksgiving is as filled with food, fun, family and football as ours will be!

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Kendall Guinn | Director of Marketing | AQUILA Commercial

Kendall Guinn

Kendall is the force behind AQUILA’s marketing machine and an innovator in the commercial real estate marketing space.

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