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Located a quick 30 miles south of Austin, Lockhart is great for a day trip or weekend getaway for those wanting to visit the city known for its barbecue. 

From its prime location in Central Texas to its rich historic roots and thriving community, the city of Lockhart has so much to offer its visitors, residents, and businesses. 

In this article, we guide you through everything you need to know about Lockhart including: 


Where is Lockhart, Texas?

Lockhart is located in Caldwell County, 30 miles south of Downtown Austin and sits between Austin and San Antonio, along SH 130 / HWY 183, which also connects conveniently to I-10.


How big is Lockhart, Texas?

Lockhart encompasses 15.64 square miles of land and has a population of 14,844 people. Between 2010 and the recent census, the population of Lockhart, TX grew from 12,698 in 2010 and increased by 16.9%. 


What are the key demographics in Lockhart?

The majority of Lockhart’s population is between the ages of 18 and 65, with a median age of 39.4 years old. 

Age of Lockhart, TX Population

< 18 Years of Age 22.4% 
18 – 64 Years of Age  61.1%
> 65 Years of Age 16.5% 

The vast majority of Lockhart’s residents have at least a high school education with 83.4% of the population aged 25 or higher having a high school diploma or higher. Additionally, 17.5% of Lockhart’s population earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The median household income in Lockhart is $64,633, which is slightly lower than the U.S. median of $67,321. 

Lockhart Demographic Compared to Austin and Texas

Lockhart Demographic Compared to Austin and Texas

  Lockhart, TX  Austin, TX State of Texas
High school graduate or higher (age 25+) 83.4% 90.6% 84.8%
Bachelor’s degree or higher (age 25+)  17.5% 55.1% 31.5%
Median Household Income  $64,633 $78,965 $67,321

A large portion of Lockhart’s residents are married. Of the population, 47% are married, 31% have never been married, 13% are divorced, and 8% are widowed. 

The average commute to work for residents of Lockhart is 30.2 minutes, only slightly higher than the national average of 26.6 minutes


What makes Lockhart an attractive place for people to live?

Lockhart offers a small-town atmosphere with the convenience of nearby cities. As a fast-growing region of Texas, Lockhart is a community with charm and character. The town can be traced back to the early 1800s, with a booming population in the 1920s due to the discovery of oil fields. Today, Lockhart is a unique small town that has preserved buildings, established businesses, and friendly people. 

Schools in Lockhart

For families, Lockhart has various opportunities for academic success with a Lockhart Independent School District consisting of nine schools plus a private school. Lockhart ISD serves over 6,100 students in 300 square miles of Central Texas. 

In recent years, the school district has experienced student growth due to families in surrounding areas moving to the town. With a preschool and five elementary schools, early childhood education has also helped Lockhart welcome new families. 

Housing Prices in Lockhart

According to Redfin, the median sale price of a home in Lockhart is $328,500, significantly lower than the median sale price of a home in Austin at $527,500. Lockhart’s affordable housing costs and its proximity to major cities in Central Texas make Lockhart an attractive place for families and businesses.

Median Housing Price  Price Per Square Foot
Lockhart, Texas $328,500 $184
Austin, Texas $527,500 $318
Texas $384,990 $173


What is there to do in Lockhart, Texas?

The “Barbecue Capital of Texas”

For over 20 years, Lockhart has officially been known as the Barbecue Capital of Texas by the Texas Legislature. Lockhart has attracted tourists and residents since it’s home to three of the state’s best barbecue restaurants – Black’s Barbecue, Kreuz, Chisholm Trail, and Smitty’s

Lockhart’s barbecue history dates back to 1875. Unlike other places in Texas, the barbecue restaurants in Lockhart rarely sell out even on busy days and customers receive their food and table within around 20 minutes. 

Downtown Square

Lockhart has a vibrant downtown, commonly known as “The Square.” The city has unique, world-famous barbeque, and remarkable architecture all in one spot. On the weekends, Lockhart’s square often hosts a local farmers’ market with fresh produce, quality food, and artisan goods. 

In November 2021, the city of Lockhart announced plans to upgrade the downtown area. The square will continue to improve as the area develops and will be more bike-and-foot traffic friendly for families and visitors.  

Lockhart State Park

Known for its nine-hole golf course, swimming pool, and fishing holes, Lockhart State Park encourages residents and visitors to be active and spend their time outdoors.

Caldwell County Courthouse

While taking a stroll downtown, you will come across the newly restored and well-known Caldwell County Courthouse. Completed in 1894, the Caldwell County courthouse has been ranked as one of the prettiest courthouses in Texas. 


What kind of businesses are located in Lockhart?

Lockhart is home to small businesses and startups, as well as established major companies. The top three employers in Lockhart, Texas are Lockhart ISD, Walmart, and Serta Dormae Manufacturing.

Lockhart has a stable and thriving business environment that attracts small shops and large manufacturers. Both established and incoming businesses have helped Lockhart to grow and become the city it is today. 


What are the main reasons tenants choose to locate their businesses in Lockhart?

Access to All of Texas and Beyond

Given Lockhart’s location, businesses are able to expand to the Austin and San Marcos area. Employers are able to draw talent from the vast labor pool of the surrounding cities since Lockhart’s positioning off of SH 130 / HWY 183 makes for an easy commute. Via SH 130 /HWY 183, Lockhart is easily accessible to Houston via I-10. 

Low Cost of Living and Business

As Lockhart continues to grow, the town is catering to more than just barbeque lovers; it’s attracting residents seeking a small-town charm with a low cost of living. Lockhart offers affordable land costs to start or move a business and is dedicated to funding Lockhart’s growth through the city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Visit the City of Lockhart CIP website to see the complete plan. 

Development Opportunities

The completion of SH-130 gave the city of Lockhart a significant boost in infrastructure and is critical to moving services and goods. Potential employees have the opportunity to serve Austin, San Antonio, and more Texas cities from Lockhart within 10 to 35 minutes on the newly constructed highway.

The Lockhart EDC predicts that the city will grow tremendously due to the highway opportunities. The city of Lockhart has land available for development around the city and often provides incentives. Lockhart’s available incentives include Chapter 380 Economic Development, Triple Freeport Exemption, Texas Capital Fund, and much more.


Who are the largest tenants in Lockhart?

A majority of Lockhart’s largest tenants include industrial and retail tenants. 

Industrial Tenants in Lockhart

Tenant  Square Feet Occupied  Property
Serta Dormae Manufacturing  148,707  1300 E FM 20
Hill Country Foodworks 50,000 215 E Martin Luther King Jr. Industrial Blvd.
Pure Castings Company 22,000  112 E MLK Industrial Blvd.

Retail Tenants in Lockhart

Tenant  Square Feet Occupied  Property
Walmart, Inc. 120,000  1904 S Colorado St.
H-E-B 40,066  403 S Colorado St.
Tractor Supply Company 20,124  2313 S Colorado St.


What are the largest properties in Lockhart?

Large Industrial Space in Lockhart

The Lockhart Industrial Park will be the largest in Lockhart once it delivers in 1Q 2023. Located at the crossroads of SH-130 and FM-272, the development will consist of 75 acres. This industrial park is a key component of Lockhart’s Target Industry Strategy, where the city is starting to prioritize developing ready land for prospects. 

Lockhart Industrial Park II, located about a mile south of Lockhart’s historic downtown, will be leased to Hershey Creamery Company. The ice cream giant chose Lockhart for its 20,000-square-foot space to expand its operations. 

Lockhart 130 Industrial Park, a 167,794-square-foot facility is set to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023. Titan Development announced that Factory Builder Stores will be leasing Building 1 when delivered. This is the first of four buildings in the complex.

Large Retail Space in Lockhart

Plum Creek Plaza is a freestanding retail center in Lockhart, which holds 25,412 square feet of space. The center brings dining, shopping, and fitness experiences to the residents of Lockhart. 

Located down the street, another retail center in town includes the Woodland Village strip with 19,500 square feet of retail and office space. Lockhart offers Walmart Supercenter, H-E-B, and Walgreens along Colorado street for its residents and visitors. 

Large Office Space in Lockhart

Once completed, 1126 S. Colorado St. will be one of Lockhart’s largest office projects. This office property has 22,500 square feet of space and is located right next to US-183. 



The City of Lockhart is at the center of opportunities for jobs, economic diversification, and capital investment in Central Texas. Only 30 minutes from Austin and an hour from San Antonio, Lockhart is taking advantage of its superior transportation infrastructure, which positions the city for major growth. Even as the town begins to grow, it maintains a healthy economy with its personality and cultural integrity in place. 

Want to learn more about Lockhart? Reach out to one of our industrial experts today.

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