At AQUILA, we’ve been championing video as a property marketing tool for several years now. In fact, in 2017 we started our award-winning, in-house video marketing department

While video marketing has been a hot topic in the marketing industry for many years now, it was only in the last year or so that commercial real estate began to really buy into this trend. 

While video is not a new trend, it seems commercial real estate firms around the country are just now realizing what a powerful storytelling tool it can be.”

– Kendall Guinn, AQUILA Chief Marketing Officer, 2019
  10 Best Examples of Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing

And, just like the grocery delivery trend has gone from a fringe millennial trend to a household staple, we believe video as a property marketing tool is another trend that will be accelerated during the period of mandated social distancing caused by COVID-19. 

In this article, we will explain:

  • Why video is a crucial property marketing tool during COVID-19
  • What types of property videos we recommend 
  • How much these videos cost to produce


Why Video Is A Crucial Property Marketing Tool During COVID-19

With shelter-in-place orders across most major cities and business travel restrictions in place for most companies nationwide, traditional prospect property tours have come to a screeching halt. And there’s no clear answer as to when or how quickly these policies will change and allow prospective tenants to begin visiting properties in person again.

But this doesn’t mean every company has put their real estate decisions on hold. Whether a company is following through with a planned expansion or relocation, downsizing or relocating to minimize rent obligation, or simply considering all options as its lease expiration nears, there are and will continue to be tenants in the market for new space.

So, how do you allow the decision-makers at these companies to experience your property during social distancing and restricted travel? 

This is where video comes in. By producing high-quality property and space tours, prospects will be able to experience a space without leaving their computer. 


What Types of Property Videos to Make During COVID-19

At AQUILA, we have identified seven types of videos that we recommend using to promote your property. These include a variety of styles and production quality, from fully scripted property commercials and influencer-led lifestyle videos to more straight forward property tours and drone videos.

During COVID-19, it is our recommendation for clients to focus on property tour and suite tour videos now. These types of videos can be filmed with only one videographer, making it acceptable to shoot during mandated social distancing. 

A property tour features B-roll and drone footage of your property and surrounding area to show off the location, on-site amenities, common areas and more. 

This footage is then combined with either voiceover or captions to tell the story of your property. 

Additionally, if you have a specific space available in a property that you want to highlight, like a spec suite or a full-floor vacancy, or if you’re a tenant marketing your suite for sublease, we recommend creating a suite tour video. 

The suite tour will focus more specifically on the highlights of the individual space you’re marketing. It will often feature pans of the layout, renderings or shots of any recent or planned improvements, compelling views, the size of the space and more. It may also touch on the building’s main highlights, such as location and amenities. 



Why Focus on Tour Videos Now

These property and suite tour videos are a good property marketing tool to focus on during COVID-19 for a number of reasons. 

Assuming the property or space is empty, a videographer can easily and safely film the property without concern about social distance. 

We recommend waiting to conduct any interviews with tenants, stakeholders, or influencers until after social distancing is over. That said, if you capture the property footage now, it should be easy to reuse this same footage as B-roll in future videos – saving you time and, potentially, money down the road. 


How Much Do Property Marketing Videos Cost?

Property tour video pricing can depend on a variety of factors, including the length of the video, the number of videos you request, the size of the property, the number of spaces you need filmed and most importantly which vendor you choose. 

Typically, these can be produced for $5,000 or less. Since COVID-19, we have seen vendors advertising prices between $3,000 and $6,000 per video. 

In-House Video Services
At AQUILA, we are pleased to be able to offer in-house video services to our clients at a fraction of the cost of a third-party production agency. 

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If you’re interested in creating a video for your building or sublease space, we recommend beginning the process by discussing the idea with your broker. 

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To learn more about marketing your commercial property, check out our property marketing resource center

Have questions about AQUILA’s Video Services? Contact your AQUILA broker or reach out to me directly at Please note, at this time, AQUILA can only offer video services to clients for whom we’re providing leasing or subleasing services. 

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Lauren Little | Senior Marketing Coordinator | AQUILA Commercial

Lauren Little

Lauren Little served as AQUILA's Director of Marketing and helped shape and lead AQUILA's marketing efforts from 2013 to 2021.

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