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For those keeping an eye on the Austin real estate market, you’ve likely heard of the town of Hutto in the news as of late. In fact, Hutto is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. 

Whether you’re familiar with the Austin suburb or you’ve just recently learned about the town, you’re likely wondering what all of the buzz is about. 

At AQUILA, we make it our business to provide our readers with everything you need to know about the Austin-area real estate market. 

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In this article, we guide you through everything you need to know about Hutto including:


Where is Hutto, Texas?

Located 22 miles northeast of Austin, the growing town of Hutto is an increasingly popular Austin suburb. 

The town is located along Highway 79 at the intersection of SH 130, just east of Round Rock and west of Taylor.


How big is Hutto, Texas?

Hutto is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. According to Community Impact, Hutto’s population has seen a 90.1% increase since the 2010 census.

Hutto takes up 7.75 square miles and, as of 2022, has a population of 36,655 people

Hutto, Texas | Mural

Photo Courtesy of the City of Hutto.


What are the key demographics of Hutto?

The majority of Hutto’s population is considered to be of working age, between the ages of 18 and 65, with a median age of 35.5 years old.

Age of Hutto Population
< 18 Years of Age 26%
18 – 65 Years of Age 68.7%
> 65 Years of Age 5.3%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2021

The vast majority of Hutto’s residents have at least a high school education with 92.9% of the population aged 25 and older having a high school diploma or higher, a higher percentage than both the city of Austin and the state of Texas. However, the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher is lower than both Austin.

The median household income in Hutto is $87,333, slightly higher than the U.S. average of $64,994.

Hutto Demographics Compared to Austin and Texas
  Hutto, TX Austin, TX State of Texas
High school graduate or higher (age 25+) 92.9% 90.6% 84.4%
Bachelor’s degree or higher (age 25+) 32.5% 55.1% 31.5%
Median Household Income $94,807 $78,965 $67,321

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2017-2021

The majority of Hutto’s residents are married; of its population, 58.14% are married, 28.76% have never been married, 11.1% are divorced, and 2% are widowed.

The average commute to work for residents of Hutto is 29.6 minutes, slightly higher than the U.S. average of 26.8 minutes.


What makes Hutto, Texas an attractive place for people to live?

Hutto is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas and draws in a large crowd from Austin and California. Hutto is both award-winning and family-friendly. It was recognized as one of the “Top Places in Texas to Raise a Family.

Hutto has award-winning school districts, ample affordable housing, and is in close proximity to Austin, leading many people to make the move to Hutto to start families and build careers. 

Schools in Hutto

Hutto also has many top-notch educational opportunities. Hutto Independent School District offers a variety of award-winning programs for its students. Hutto ISD has a state-awarded and nationally recognized Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) program, UIL programs, athletics, and career and technical education programs. Hutto ISD has schools with low student-to-teacher ratios that offer advanced and college-level courses

Hutto is also home to the East Williamson County Higher Education Center-Hutto (EWCHEC), a multi-institutional teaching center that brings college degrees and workforce training programs to the Hutto Community. EWCHEC has partnered with Temple College, Texas State Technical College, and Texas A&M University to bring these educational opportunities to residents of Hutto.

Housing Prices in Hutto

According to Redfin, the median sale price of a home in Hutto is $430,000 while the median sale price of a home in Austin is $578,000. These affordable housing opportunities allow residents to own homes and build families without as many financial burdens.

Median Housing Price Price Per SF
Hutto, Texas $380,000 $190
Austin, Texas $555,000 $320
Texas $489,000 $180

Source: Redfin, September 2023

Hutto, Texas | Watertower

Photo Courtesy of the City of Hutto


What is there to do in Hutto?

Hutto’s Downtown Co-Op District

One of the biggest attractions in Hutto is its Downtown Co-Op District. The Co-Op is home to a variety of vibrant restaurants, retail, office, entertainment, and multifamily spaces. The Co-Op began with Hutto’s municipal buildings including the library and city hall. Now, the Co-Op is a mixed-use walkable development that will expand to a 35-acre site where residents can work, live and play. 

Restaurants in Hutto

If you’re looking for a place to eat, the Co-Op has many options to choose from but a town favorite is The Southside Market. The Southside Market is a local staple that has been serving up Texas barbeque for the past 138 years. With locations in Elgin, Bastrop, and the Arbor Walk in Austin, The Southside Market has opened its newest location at the Hutto Co-Op. People travel far and wide to get a taste of the Southside Market’s authentic barbeque, but Hutto residents only are a hop, skip and jump away from a tasty Texas treat.

Events in Hutto, Texas

Hutto offers multiple events throughout the year. They have traditional events like an annual Easter egg hunt, a downtown Christmas event, and a summer movie series. 

Hutto Texas

Photo Courtesy of City of Hutto

But, a unique event held in Hutto is the annual Crawfish Festival. Every April, the Hutto Chamber of Commerce hosts the Crawfish festival in Downtown Hutto. The festival includes attractions like live music, hamster balls, and plenty of crawfish. The Crawfish Festival is always a huge hit that brings food and fun for the whole family.


What kind of businesses are located in Hutto?

Hutto is primarily home to industrial businesses, including manufacturers, construction businesses, and wholesalers, including companies like Paradigm Metals, a local sheet metal fabricator, and Gulf Coast Paper Co, a distributor of janitorial, packaging, office supplies, and more. 

Hutto can look forward to many more industrial businesses relocating to the area. In 2022, Titan Development announced a 188- acre industrial park, Hutto Mega TechCenter, bringing continual growth to Hutto over the next few years.

Hutto has also established a retail and office presence in the Co-Op District. While much of the Co-Op is still developing, some retail and entertainment tenants have already made their mark. Currently, the Co-Op’s major tenants include The Southside Market, Flix Brewhouse, one of the only cinema breweries in the U.S., Top Notch Hamburgers, and Kilwins Heritage Chocolate Assortments.

Hutto, Texas | Historic District

Photo Courtesy of the City of Hutto


What are the main reasons companies choose to locate their businesses in Hutto, Texas?

With suitable land available for development and a growing employee pool, it’s no wonder so many businesses are drawn to Hutto. Well-known retailers like H-E-B and Lowe’s have already made their way to Hutto and plenty of newcomers are following suit.

For industrial businesses especially, Hutto offers multiple advantages. 

Access to Major Distribution Arteries

Industrial businesses can benefit from Hutto’s access to major US highways, access to major distribution centers, and proximity to Austin’s customer base. The location along the 130 Toll allows for easy north/south distribution to Dallas, San Antonio, and beyond. 

Distributors in Hutto can easily access Houston and Texas’ Gulf Coast via US-290 and IH-10 or TX-71. 

Hutto Texas

Photo Courtesy of the City of Hutto

Abundant Talent

By locating in Hutto, employers have access to a growing workforce. And, the town’s affordable housing prices make it a convenient place for talent to relocate or buy a home. 

Incentives Available

The City of Hutto provides a multitude of incentive opportunities including sales rebates, infrastructure enhancements, and hotel occupancy tax rebates for companies that choose to open up shop in the town. 

Additionally, Hutto is one of the few communities in the Austin area to offer a “Triple Freeport” exemption on qualified inquiries. 

Hutto is actively engaged with the Foreign Trade Zone of Central Texas Inc (FTZ 183). 

Finally, the City of Hutto’s Development Services and Hutto Chamber of Commerce work in tandem to help companies interested in moving to Hutto successfully develop and grow their business.


Who are the largest tenants in Hutto, Texas?

A majority of Hutto’s largest tenants are industrial and retail businesses. 

Industrial Tenants in Hutto

Tenant Square Footage Occupied Property
Hanaro One Way 141,648 Innovation Business Park
EDC Moving Systems 93,975 Innovation Business Park
Ovivo 87,360 Innovation Business Park
Barnsco 81,589 Innovation Business Park
Western Industries 79,000 Innovation Business Park
Three Way Logistics 69,720 Innovation Business Park
Austin Bazaar 58,260 Innovation Business Park
Gulf Coast Paper Supply 52,500 519 Tradesmens Park Dr
Iowa Techniques 46,166 524 Tradesmens Park Dr

Retail Tenants in Hutto

Tenant Square Footage Occupied Property
HEB Plus 126,000 5000 Gattis School Rd
Lowe’s 135,000 201 Ed Schmidt Blvd
Home Depot 98,789 600 W Hwy 79


What are the largest properties in Hutto, Texas?

Large Industrial Space in Hutto

The Innovation Business Park project is one of the largest properties in Hutto. A few tenants who have already signed a lease and moved in at Innovation Business Park include Western Industries, Brycomm Technology, and Paradigm Metals. Buildings 1 and 4 of the business park have delivered a combined rentable building area of 231,721 square feet. Innovation Business Park has several other buildings currently under construction or in the proposed stage.

Hutto, Texas | Innovation Business Park

Innovation Business Park in Hutto.

The Tradesmen Industrial Park is another major industrial site in Hutto. Located along the intersection of Highway 79 and Highway 130, the businesses at these industrial facilities have access to major highways for distribution and transportation. Tenants like Gulf Coast Paper Co and Iowa Techniques have leased space in the Tradesmens Industrial Park.

Large Office Space in Hutto

As for office space, Hutto has multiple office buildings with space available for lease. Some of the larger office spaces in Hutto are located in the Hutto Co-Op District. Hutto’s city hall is located at the Co-Op and takes up 32,000 square feet of office space, making it one of the larger office properties in Hutto. Aside from the Co-Op, a majority of the office spaces in Hutto are concentrated along Highway 79. One of these spaces is an office property along 120 Iron Horse Dr with 27,900 square feet of space.



Hutto is a fast-growing Austin suburb that offers multiple advantages for families and businesses alike. Hutto’s growth gives it a positive reputation for being family-friendly and a great city for successful business development. For those who want access to Austin and all the benefits of a small close-knit community, Hutto is the perfect place for your company and employees.

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