Austin, TX —

AQUILA Commercial (AQUILA) announced today the completion of a successful internal reorganization.

The company announces a new Managing Committee and the promotion of Chad Barrett to the head of this committee. The cross-platform committee is comprised of seven Managing Principals, each of whom is active within AQUILA’s multiple service lines, and the Chief Financial Officer.

Barrett steps into the role as Bart Matheney steps aside from the role of Managing Partner which he held for five years. Matheney will remain a member of the company leadership through his role on the committee.

This reorganization is a proactive response to the changing real estate and brokerage industry.

AQUILA’s leadership believes that the global pandemic accelerated trends in the commercial real estate industry that are rendering many conventional brokers and transaction administrators somewhat commoditized, if not obsolete. Furthermore, leadership recognizes the best companies must operate with more conviction now than in years prior to keep pace with the current rate of change.

New technologies, access to publicly available information and data that was once proprietary, and a shift in the demands and space requirements of knowledge-economy occupiers are all forcing new thinking and new approaches in the commercial real estate brokerage community.

“AQUILA intends to lead, not follow, this transition,” says Ben Tolson. “And, in fact, we see a better path through to delivering better client outcomes and better service along the way.”

To that end, AQUILA has reorganized its leadership, and elements of its service teams, to expand the roles and reach of team members that have helped define this vision for the next generation of service and better client outcomes.

The new Managing Committee includes:

  • Chad Barrett, who steps into a new leadership role within the company and takes the lead of the committee;
  • Jay Lamy and Chris Perry, who have retaken the lead of the tenant representation platform;
  • Bart Matheney, who continues to help define the strategic direction for the company, lend support to Barrett in his new role, and focus on service integration across platforms;
  • David Putman, who continues to shape service delivery within Asset Services and collaboration across service lines;
  • Michael Murphy, who continues to direct property management and commercial real estate investment services alongside Jay Lamy;
  • Ben Tolson, who continues to lead the asset services platform and shape the strategic direction for the firm;
  • David Arthur, who continues his role as the firm’s Chief Financial Officer.

“Ultimately, growth, productivity and capital want to converge in the same places, in the right alignment,” continued Tolson. “We’re interested in living where this happens and driving efficiency and confidence into the right outcomes. In the existing landscape and into the future.”

One thing, however, that will not shift is AQUILA’s focus on Austin.

“AQUILA is committed to being the most innovative and insightful Austin-based and Austin-owned commercial real estate firm,” says Chad Barrett. “Austin will continue to shine as a city that attracts talent and growth, and AQUILA intends to fly higher as our city grows in prominence.”

“AQUILA was founded in 2007 as a response to the changing commercial real estate landscape,” says Bart Matheney, a founding member of the company. “The intent of the firm was to be nimble, think creatively, promote collaboration and cut through the red tape that the founding principals encountered at the larger firms that we hailed from.”

“This reorganization of leadership and incorporation of bright and creative talent is the next step in the evolution of our company, but the intent is the same: to remain nimble, creative, and on the forefront, while providing clients with the deepest and most actionable insight into our Austin commercial real estate market,” continued Matheney.

Full biographies and headshots for members of the Managing Committee can be found here:


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